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Naturally dried chews, Manufacturer of rope leashes

Being longtime and adamant BARF-feeders, our main focus is healthy and dog-appropriate nutrition. Besides our wide range of BARF, we offer lots of high-end food for your pal with paws such as pure BARF supplements, veggie flakes, grain and cereal free dry foods, and yummy canned chow in human food quality. That not all – we also have a huge assortment of gently dried chew snacks, free of any additives. Since we have a furry friend who suffers from allergies ourselves, we carry many hypoallergenic types of meat and snacks – of course, without any grains or cereal.

When it comes to our products tailored to your dogs’ everyday comfort needs, sustainability is thing. Our orthopedic doggy beds are manufactured in Germany. Our Austrian doggy blankets are made of recycled cotton… sails are upcycled to make collars and leashes right from the beaches of St. Peter-Ording, or if you do prefer, collars and leashes handmade para-cord and BioThane from Bremen. Individual style for your dog? No problem, with our handmade coats from a British workshop. Not to mention our non-toxic unbreakable toys made in the USA… we could go on and on.